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This service is completely free; there are no hidden tricks and we do not want to sell you anything. Hotelload offers this service in collaboration with thousands of hotels and other accommodations, with the aim of increasing the number of direct reservations through the official websites of the accommodations. As a result, the booking costs (commision for booking websites) decrease and guests can benefit from interesting discounts.


Privacy statement: The data sent to us is strictly used for requesting a discount and / or other extras at the accommodation of your choice, and possibly for communication regarding arranging the relevant booking.

After receiving your information about your reservation in the making, we will start negotiating with the accommodation for a possible discount. In most cases we obtain a positive result.

But we always manage to get a price that will be at least equal to the lowest price of the booking websites. In those cases, you will get instead of a discount, quite often a number of interesting extras, such as free breakfast, free parking, a free upgrade or free tickets for an event.

A small selection of hotels that offer a lowest price guarantee

Avoid the booking websites, book  directly via the official websites of the accommodations.

Including * many extras, such as free breakfast, free parking, promotional codes for discounts, free tickets for events or free excursions.

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*) Different per accommodation

Take a free 'insurance' with your direct reservation

specially for members of the Facebook group 'Friends of Travelers'

Why do hotels give lowest price guarantees?

It sounds strange, but at the moment it is a reality : " Almost all hotels and other accommodations offer lowest price guarantees when you make a reservation directly through their official websites. "

Lowest price garantees and other advantages

In addition to the lowest price, guests who have made their reservations directly through the official websites of the accommodations also receive various extras. This differs per accommodation and can for example be: free breakfast, promo codes, free parking, free wifi, no reservation costs, a free room upgrade, free tickets for events, etc.

A holiday in the provinces of The Netherlands …

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Avoid the booking websites,, Trivago, and other booking websites charge the accommodations around 12% of their booking turnover. The huge amounts that are involved with this, can better be spend on 'extras' for the guests.


There is a good chance that you will come across very attractive offers on Stop then and write down the names of some accommodations. Then search on Google for the official websites of these accommodations. The initially 'attractive offers' can then just become  even better offers!

You can also use our negociation service. Fill out the form above, and you will receive within 48 hours  a very interesting discount on the prices of the accommodation of your choice.

Hotelload has already made a selection of hotels and other accommodations. Soon our site will be supplemented with thousands of accommodations. The ' - Google route' mentioned above can then be skipped.

Many benefits with a 'direct reservation'

more flexibel

Your booking is known at the reception of your accommodation. A small change is usually no problem at all.

More possibilities

Not all the rooms of the accommodations are, all of the time, on the booking websites

Less mistakes

 No intermediaries who can make mistakes.

Lowest price garantees

Booking websites are never cheaper!

More about the benefits ....

Make your next reservation through the website of your favorite accommodation

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Free insurance

with your direct reservation

(no financial compensation)




By becoming a member of the Facebook group 'Friends of Travelers', you can count on the assistance of other members and Hotelload, when you have a problem with your accommodation. Some sort of an assurance against troubles with accommodations.

Of course, let's hope it's not necessary, but as a member of Friends of Travelers, you can always call on the Hotelload help desk.

No money back, but a back up that makes you an equal counterpart. 

Most popular destinations in The Netherlands

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